Team Hill Update

DFES Title One, March 12, 2015

The week in review

What a wonderful week of celebrating how our 4th graders have grown as we completed MAP testing! I am very impressed by the perseverance of all of our class members!

In Reading: This week we invited Mrs. Knowles 2nd graders and Mrs. Cosby's class to come and be our audience as we presented a readers theater of a classic fairy tale with an unusual twist. We were very excited to receive encouraging reviews from Mrs. Cosby's class! They said that our class was not only very entertaining and well prepared, but that we obviously worked well together in preparation for the play.

In Math: We are wrapping up our unit on perimeter and area. We will begin working with adding and subtracting fractions in Chapter 9 next. Students have a username and a password to a new math game called Prodigy. The username and passwords are taped in their agendas. This is a free online game to encourage students to keep their math skills strong!

In Science: We are continuing to learn about light! We used prisms, dvds, flashlights and lasers to see the full spectrum of colors in light. We did a mini inquiry study with mirrors and spoons to see how light reflects and refracts. Tomorrow we will be doing some investigations using transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

In Social Studies: We combined our persuasive writing study with social studies this week by doing some collaborative writing trying to persuade folks to go west! We have also looked at the impact that westward expansion had on the Native Americans.

In Writing: Students are also working on their own personal persuasive writing essays and this week looked at ways to incorporate figurative language into their writing. We looked at figurative language as seen in song lyrics as well as ones we use in our everyday talk.

Dates to keep in mind:

March 16: Student Holiday

March 23 End of 3rd quarter

March 25: Light Unit Test

March 27: Westward Expansion Unit test

March 28- April 6 Spring Break

April 10 Tag of Honor 10:05 am mini theater