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Special announcements

Disney Collection by Jamberry

Special Announcements!

Jamberry has just launched a new line of nails wraps! You can find them on my website under, Disney Collection by Jamberry. As of right now we only have them in regular sizes. Jamberry is hoping to have Jamberry Juniors soon. I will let you know, as soon as that announcement is made. They are absolutely beautiful and I have fallen in love with all the designs. It makes me want to sit down and have a movie marathon of all my favorite Disney movies or go to Florida!

Jamberry allows me to have a special sales for my customers several times a year. The best way for you to be able to participate in the sale is to be a part of my VIP group. If you follow this link, you can request access to join.

I love being a Jamberry consultant and with all of the excitement this month, Jamberry has also offered a special incentive for all of our new team members! You get two extra exclusive wraps in your kit...along with all of the other amazing product! And you will also have an opportunity to earn back a $25 rebate on your kit. Please check with me for further details. I also will include a video that I made that talks a little bit more about becoming a Jamberry consultant. I would love to visit with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Finally, I am committed to quality customer service. I want you to be happy with your Jamberry products. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I have designed a special customer survey and would love for you to fill it out, if you have not already filled one out for me in the past. Everyone who fill is it out, will be entered into a special drawing. https://michellediercks.wufoo.com/forms/customer-care-form/

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