Apps for Improved Education

Mobile Learning! It's the future!

Bunsella Bedtime Stories

Bunsella Bedtime Stories is an app designed for parents to create, narrate, illustrate, and animate bedtime stories for their child. They can then share that story through a variety of mediums and the child can respond with their own story.

Although this app is designed for parent-child interaction, you could easily use it for student interaction! This would be terrific for an older student or teacher to create a story that teaches morals, or better explains simple concepts to younger students.


The StoryKit app allows students to create their own detailed books or change a pre-existing book (e.g. The Three Little Pigs). This app also allows students to tell a story from a different characters point of view.

This app is great for students because it fosters and nourishes their creativity. The other awesome thing about this app is that it can be used as an assessment tool in the classroom, more specifically for a Social Studies or English class. After you have taught a specific unit, the student can then create a story using elements from that unit to demonstrate their understanding; or, after discussing a specific book in class, the students can then create a simplified version that still hits all the main plot ideas in the story.



In the Woices app, students can create virtual tours of locations from around the world.

This app would be a great assessment (or even unit introduction) tool in a Social Studies or Geography class because students could research a specific place and tell the story of the history of that place. Students could then either present them to the class or share them with individual students.

Choose Your Path

The Choose Your Path app allows students to either use the already created stories in the app and they choose the path (as the name suggests) the story takes. However, the student also has the option to create their OWN story in the app.

This would be great to use in the classroom because the teacher could use it for ANY class. For instance, if you were trying to teach a math concept, the teacher could create the story around a student trying to solve a math problem, and if they choose the "wrong path" (or wrong step), the question does not get solved. It would be a great review tool for students!

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters is an app that allows students to enter dialogue about a news item from anywhere in the world and Tom & Ben will report it back to you.

This app is a great way to get kids involved in learning about what goes on worldwide at a younger age and keep them engaged at an older age. The app is geared more for elementary students. Teachers can enter in news stories and play them back every morning for their students so they can stay informed about global events!

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