Testing Makeup On Animals

Testing makeup is not fair to animals

Testing makeup on animals

How can I create a presentation about testing makeup on animals? I chose this topic because many people don't know that many products people use everyday are tested on animals. Many companies test makeup on animals. More than 100 million animals are killed every year because of testing makeup. It doesn't matter to people if the animal is pregnant or not, they just continue the test and that animal ends up dying. Chemicals are rubbed into shaved skin or dripped into the eyes without any pain relief.

testing makeup on animals

To be honest, the world doesn't need another eyeliner, perfume, and pesticide. Some product does require to test on animals in some places. Lawn fertilizers, weed killers, and household cleaners require animal testing but all the animals they test with will end up dying. Because of the tests animals are burned, crippled, and poisoned. There is no law that they need to test products to animals.They are locked up in metal cages, some of the animals also end up dying because they get stressed. Because they get stressed they bite themselves and pulling out their own fur.Scientists should find a better and more accurate way to test any type of products instead of killing animals and get an inaccurate results.