Stress Management

Devin Salazar

What is Stress?

Stress is a pressure or tension exerted a material object or on a person or group.

What are the causes of stress?

  • Worrying to much about a certain thing or person
  • Being unhappy or mad at something for a long period of time
  • Loss of a person
  • Working long or hard everyday
  • Being sick or very ill fir a long period of time

What are risk of stress?

  • People can have heart diseases
  • People can face obesity
  • Also a person can have diabetes
  • Face depression
  • Also face anxiety

What Are Ways To Prevent Stress?

  • People can do something they love to get their mind off of things.
  • Play with kids and watch kids play to feel happy.
  • Avoid problems coming up or avoid people that make you mad
  • Be with somebody who makes you happy
  • Workout to take your mind off of things

What Are Some Ways to Manage Stress?

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Eat healthy
  • Don't let people get to you
  • Manage your time with people you like and don't like
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
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