High School Teacher

Trinity Newman

Career Goal

My career goal is to graduate high school with all of Gen Eds finished. Then I want to attend Minnesota State University Mankato. I want to get my Bachelors degree in Mathematics then be a high school math teacher. During teaching I might want to go back and get my Masters degree.

Career Overview

High school teachers instruct students in one or more subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies. You need a Bachelors degree for your entry, but no related work experience. But, you do need an internship to become competent. You need to have skill in all subjects including reading, listening, teaching, speaking, and understanding how people learn. You work alone, but you can either have a peer tutor or a para. You also have a lot of kids in the classroom. This job pays above the state median wage. In the U.S. the low is $45,639, the median is $57,097, and the high is $72,580. In Minnesota the low $46,642, the median is $58,486, and the high is $72,580. The outlook for the U.S. is their will be 52,900 more high school teachers in 2022 than their was in 2012. That's a 5.5% increase. In Minnesota there will be 298 more high school teachers on 2022 than in 2012. That's a 2% increase. Related occupations are social workers and daycare workers.

Program of Study

After high school, you need to go to college and get your bachelors degree. You have to complete all your required classes to be able to do post-secondary. You don't need any related work experience.


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