Buster Blade is up for biding

Come and try to get the best sword in the world!!!!

Buster Blade

Buster Blade is the sword wielded by the one and only Cloud Strife. Yeah, the leader of the group of bandits. If you haven't heard of this group of bandit's you need to read the next paragraph. But that's off the point. Buster Blade is almost as tall as Cloud 5 foot and 10 inches full of death. The blade has a cursed supposedly; the wielder cursed to a life of death and killings. The Buster Blade constructed in Midgar, the most malfunctioning place in the world. We don't know how someone could wield something bigger than the person but, we will figure out how Cloud does it. If you see, Cloud or any of his crew Contact the Shinra Company. Phone number is at the bottom and we will provide pictures of the crew.


The cost of the sword is 200-500 gil. Better hurry up, it might get sold.
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