Mrs. Esgro's Learning Update

2nd grade, Buffalo Trail Elementary


As readers, we just finished a two week study of Vocabulary in Context. We learned how to use a variety of strategies to figure out the meaning of an unknown word. As our reading levels increase, we will encounter more vocabulary words that we may not be familiar with. These strategies are a great resource to ensure that we are reading for meaning, and truly understand the text!


As authors, we are finishing up another non-fiction unit. This time, we took our knowledge from what we have learned about historical figures and students each chose one of these figures to write a biography about. We spent several days collecting and organizing research and this week we will be drafting and revising.


We are well into unit 4 which focuses on measurement and data. One of our goals is to investigate the effect of measuring the length an object with different units. Bridges embeds the familiar story of Jack and the Beanstalk to focus on the concept of measurement. A few weeks ago, students created their own "inchworm" rulers. We have also used "footworms" (don't worry, they are made out of paper) and yardworms to measure space.

Questions to promote thinking at home:

What unit would you use to measure a certain item in your home (fork, plate, kitchen table)

If you used inches instead of feet or yards to measure an item, would you have more or less of them?

*We want our young learners to understand that the size of the unit directly impacts the number of units needed to measure the distance.