LibGuides at Ralston High School

NETA Poster Session 4/21/2017

My Story

As a full-time high school library media specialist with minimal assistance, getting into classrooms to collaborate is tricky. Enter LibGuides to the rescue! LibGuides has proven to be a win-win for our staff and students as it allows curation of the best resources to provide one-stop research shopping for our students. I love how easy/quick it is to create, publish and share.

Helpful Links

NCompass Live: Modern Pathfinders. Creating Better Research Guides (Recorded Online Session):

From the mouths of K-12 Librarians: (Blog entries and articles from some of my favorite library gurus).

My Secret Search/Curating Weapon by Joyce Valenza:

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Here's a little-known fact: you don't have to be a paying member of the LibGuides community to see other LibGuides. What others have curated can be used for your own research purposes. Check it out at the LibGuides Community Site: