Laffinskul Labs

The Secret to Nuclear Fusion

Date: 5/8/2016

Hi I'm Clover Kottyan, owner of Laffinskul labs, and today we have made an amazing discovery. Our scientists have found a way to use nuclear fusion as a power source.

Usually when you think of nuclear power, you think of nuclear fission. Fission is the process of splitting the nucleus of in atom to generate energy. However, this does not yield nearly as much energy as nuclear fusion, the reaction which powers the sun. Nuclear fusion fuses the nuclei in atoms to produce huge amounts of energy.

This process is actually much safer than fission as well. If fission were to go out of control, it would cause a meltdown and could make an area unsafe for a while. Fusion on the other hand would simply stop itself automatically if scientists lost control of the reaction. The lifetime of nuclear waste created by fusion is also much shorter than that of waste created by fission.

Overall, nuclear fusion is a much cleaner, safer, and more sustainable form of energy. We are excited to make this announcement and hope to start building plants as soon as possible. Here at Laffinskul labs we are looking to a brighter future- literally!

Clover Kottyan