Typhoid Fever

Disease Project by Reagan Vickers

Cause of Disease

Typhoid Fever is caused bu the bacterium Salmonella.

How is the disease transmitted?

People that have Typhoid Fever carry the virus in their bloodstream and are carried through food or drinks that people with Typhoid Fever handle and in their feces, which spreads through sewers.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

People that have Typhoid Fever often have fevers up to 103-104 degrees F and may feel weak, have stomach pains, headache, or loss of appetite.

How is the disease treated?

Most people are treated with antibiotics and most people start to feel better only in a few days! Only a very small percentage of them may die.

Ways you can prevent yourself from getting the disease.

There are two different vaccines that are available, one that is injected and one that is taken orally in four capsules every other day.

4 interesting facts about Typhoid Fever:

  • Ancient historian Thucydides got the disease but lived to write the symptoms down, and people later found out that he was talking about Typhoid Fever
  • A lady named Mary Mallon was a carrier of this disease and many people got it from her and her only and many died.
  • In 1897, the vaccine was developed by a man named Almroth Edword Wright.
  • First know cases date back to 400 BC
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