We will be leaving school by approx 9.15am tomorrow morning so please ensure your children are at school promptly. We will be walking whatever the weather - so children need to be dressed appropriately. As mentioned before Wellie boots are not ideal for walking in - but if you feel it is going to be wet then at least please make sure that their wellies fit and they are wearing suitable socks.

All children need a throwaway drink and a snack. Grasshoppers and Fireflies need a rucksack for carrying their snack and most probably a Dragonfly snack too.

Dragonflies will be returning back to school when we have had snack at the Tuddenham Fountain and the rest of the children will then walk back to the rugby club to catch the coach back in time for lunch.

You may like to put a change a clothes and another pair of shoes in their bag so they can get changed if necessary on return to school.

See you all tomorrow!

Last terms walk to Tuddenham... a beautiful day!

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