Book Reviews

Kristen, Amanda, Will, Colin, Marlania, Amelia

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane written by Suzzane Collins review by: Colin

In the second book of the Underland Chronicles, by Suzanne Collins, Gregor goes back to the Underland to fulfill the Prophecy of Bane. In present time, Gregor went sledding with his little sister Margaret or also known as Boots. Boots goes into another passageway that also leads to the Underland. As soon as he figures out that Boots went down the passageway he rapidly ventured down to get her back. As soon as he gets there, he was well greeted by all of the people of the Underland. He stays there for a little bit to have dinner and when they all started to get full, the Underland leader, Vikus, shows Gregor the Prophecy of Bane. He read it slowly and then realized at one part when they mentioned ‘’Die the baby, die its heart,’’ He thought it was referring to his little sister, Boots. In order to save Boots and not let her die Gregor, Luxa and her cousins have to stop the Bane and the other rats from killing Boots. But first they had to train. For the first time ever, Gregor had received his first sword. He refused to take it, but Vikus forced him to train with it by cutting blood balls that were instantly shot at him. When he trained, the Underlanders and Gregor discover a huge thing about Gregor fighting. After training, Gregor, Luxa and her cousins says their farewells and good lucks for their journey. What was Gregor’s fighting gift? Did they accomplish killing the Bane? Read the Second book of the series to find out! The second book of the series was really good, but not compared to the first one. It was suspenseful and it had some twists and turns in the end. But if you want to read this book, it would be better if you read the first one.

Matched by Allie Condie review by: Kristen

Cassia lives in a faultless world: free of war and mistakes, above all, free of choice. In this utopian society, technology is advanced to “match” people for communities similar to theirs. Plus, find a suitor for everyone who applies. Cassia just turned sixteen; meaning that she acquires to be matched, however, her future husband is someone in her own community, Xander. He is a boy she has knew all life, has been matched to be her husband. However, when she opens her computer to see his profile, his face flashes for a moment. The face in not Xander’s, but a boy Cassia is familiar with. Ky, a boy whose parents were killed in the Outer Providence, countries outside of their own, filled with war. The community took Ky in to live with his “Aunt” and “Uncle”. Ky still remembers the life that he used to have, it was not all warfare. The two come across each during a recreation activity and Ky teaches Cassia the truth about their world and his. However, when the Officials of the city find out about this, will their love last? Will cassia and Ky fall in love? Or will Cassia’s long lasting bond with Xander be too much to break? The first book in this exhilarating trilogy written by Allie Condie is wild past and is a great book for passion. I highly recommend this book for teens in middle school.

Among the HIdden written by Haddix review by: Will

In the book, Among the Hidden, Luke is illegal. Literally illegal. The book takes place in 2020 when a major food shortage is going on. The government takes charge and only allows each family to have two children, but Luke is a third. Luke is not allowed to go outside, go near a windowm, or eat in the kitchen with the rest of the family. One day when Luke is looking out of the air vent in the attic he sees a figure in the house directly behind his. He thinks about it for a while and comes to the conclusion that that there is another third child in his neighborhood. One week later after figuring out the safest route to the house, he does the unthinkable; he runs over to the house breaks in and meets the person. She tells him that then police will be there soon to fetch him, but he tells her he is another third child like her. They introduce each other and Luke finds out that her name is Jen. After a few more visits from Luke, Jen tells Luke about the rally for the third children where all the third children are supposed to march in the white house and rebel against the population laws. After two more visits Jen introduces Luke to the other shadow kids that she knows. Will the kids be able to win the rally? Read the fantastic book to find out.

Deathly Hallows written by J.K. Rowling review by: Amelia

In the seventh installment of the Harry Potter, the trio is carrying out Dumbledore’s mission to defeat Voldemort. Harry turns seventeen a day before Fleur and Bill’s wedding. At the wedding some unwelcomed guests appear and the protective charm on the Weasley household is broken. The ‘guests’ cause for a huge disruption of the wedding party and everyone disapperates. Harry, Ron, and Hermione disapparate into the muggle world but are followed by Death Eaters, but are confused on how the Death Eaters found them because Harry’s ‘Trace’ is supposedly already off. They then went to Diagon Alley to regroup themselves.

After they got there, Ron and Harry changed into street clothes and they dissapperated to Grimmauld Place. When they arrive, there are many traps to scare off any intruders that may come. They start planning to find Horcruxes. They set off to find the Horcruxes and they bring all their necessities in a pouch from Hagrid and Hermione’s bag. They get the necklace, find the sword and continue to search for more. I am enjoying reading this book because of how action packed it is. In my opinion it is fast paced and thrilling. Though the series is ending I think it is a great conclusion to the books. I look forward to finishing the book and finding out who will win the battle. Will Hogwarts defeat Voldemort or will they hand Harry over to save themselves and the school? Will Harry lose or win? And will Voldemort be the victor and conquer the wizarding and muggle world?

My Little Phony Book by Lisi Harrison Review by Amanda

Massie Block and Claire Lyons have been friends since the start of seventh grade. They always disliked each other and never were the best of friends, but one day their difficult friendship may come to a close. Massie has created this “world” with “rules” at her school. Plus, she has created this clique called the Pretty Committee; only pretty girls can join. To qualify as a Pretty Committee member is that you have to wear high fashion and have expensive taste to fit in. Some may call this bulling, but Massie calls it her way of life. Claire on the other hand does not enjoy this one bit. She thinks that everyone can wear what they want and be themselves. So, Claire rebels against the Pretty Committee and starts a new friend group were everyone can be themselves. Massie is furious about this and plots revenge. Her first attack was to give Claire lice. Massie gives Claire a hat filled with lice and tells all of Claire’s new friends that Claire has some surprise visitors. Claire’s friends, who probably weren’t true friends in the first place, leave Claire’s friend group. Claire then plots revenge against Massie and puts bed bugs in her house. Basically, these two girls are basically trying to ruin each other’s lives by using revenge against one another. All of a sudden, Massie finds out a huge secret that may cost her everything she owns and change her life forever. This book is very enjoyable especially for middle school girls. I recommend the other books in the Clique series too. They are full of drama and girl problems that will keep you on your toes.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Who ever thought the old, worn out jeans Carmen bought from the thrift shop would be such a miracle. As the four best friends try the pants on, they magically fit each of them perfectly, even though they all have different body types. Now they prepare to spend their first summer at a distance since their births, just weeks apart. The plan: each girl receives the pants for a few weeks each every summer. Then, they take a voyage to the next girl to be worn with pride. At the time of sending pants away, the girl that had them writes one special memory they had while wearing the pants. Meet Bridget, the tall soccer superstar that pursues her dream under the sun. Lena, the beautiful yet self-conscious Greek girl, enjoys art in the fineness of places but tries to keep herself out of trouble. Carmen, who’s half-Hispanic, travels far to see her father. Then, she gets an unexpected surprise that might ruin everything for her. Tibby, the movie making babysitter, makes minimum wage at a local pharmacy. From soccer camp in Baja California, visiting family in Greece, getting a surprise in North Carolina, or just working at home, these girls all face problems. Luckily, the “traveling pants” provide hope. In this book, the four best friends truly come to life. Fast pacing, intriguing characters, and snappy dialogue make this a favorite. Join Bridget, Lena, Carmen, and Tibby in their individual troubles faced through the summer to remember.