Where I stand

concerns of the municipal government

The Garbage problems in toronto

There are many problems with the garbage disposal that I have to complain about. One problem that I have is that I notice that many people leave there garbage on there front lawns. This then leads to garbage to fly every where and it mostly gets on other peoples lawns. This is very frustrating because the neighbors end up having to clean up the mess on there lawn during there free time. I think that the municipal government should have two garbage pickup days a week so that people do not have to pick up garbage that fly everywhere because it is already picket up. Another problem I have with the garbage disposal is that the garbage truck is always late to throw out the garbage causing me to put the garbage can back later which cuts my time that I can do homework.
Stinkycan Garbage can cleaning Kaysville Utah

Problem Two

To much traffic jams

The second major problem that I would appreciate be fixed by the Municipal Government is that there are to much traffic jams especially during the morning because of all the new people that are coming to live in Markham. I would like the government to build more roads that are easy to access so that there wont be thousands of cars trying to get through the same road to get to where they are trying to get to. If they do this, then I do not have to wake up so early for the bus because there wont be much traffic which takes time to go through.

This video tells you how I feel when I am in the traffic jam in the morning

News Update: Massive China Traffic Jam

Problem three

The snow plow service is terrable and always late

The third and last problem that I have with the municipal government is the snow removal. The snow removal team that is in charge of removing the snow on my street is always late. Last year I spent most of the time after school helping other people and neighbors get there cars out of the snow so that they can get to where they want. It is very bothersome to always help people where the government could have prevented this problem by getting people to plow the snow from my street more quicker. Another problem is that when the snow removal team does come, they put most of the snow from the street and put onto the side of my driveway. This is troublesome because I have to spend time after school to shovel all the snow from my driveway so that my parents can park there car on our driveway.

The snow on the sidwalk is the exact same amount of snow (maby even more) that the snow truck dumps onto the side of my driveway

Street snow removal - Montreal, Canada