Ben & Jerry's

Who doesn't love ice cream?

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Ben and Jerry's was started off in a gas station in Vermont in 1978, since then growing into a multi-million dollar company, and a national phenomenon.

Almost everyone has heard of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and most of those who have heard of it have tried it. And then most of those who tried it have liked it...but what about Ben and Jerry's presence on social media?

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How many!?

Followers On...

Twitter: 322,143

Instagram: 690,000

YouTube: 14,776

Facebook: 8,537,034

What Ben and Jerry's Does Well on Social Media:

One of the most notably positive aspects about Ben and Jerry's is how they present their products, and of course as a manufacturer and distributor this could be argued as more than half the marketing battle. When scrolling along any one of Ben and Jerry's social media accounts one will find dozens of photos of their delicious looking products. Products that when looked at make it nearly impossible not to sprint out to the nearest store that sells Ben and Jerry's and buy a pint of your favorite ice cream. Now Ben and Jerry's could stop here and probably still thrive off of their social media presence, but they don't. They add holiday themed posts, charity posts, and other creative ways to use their ice cream. These "extra" posts are clever and original, and create and even stronger urge to eat ice cream.

What Ben and Jerry's Needs to Improve on in social media:

One of the biggest things one will notice about Ben and Jerry's on social media is that they are not afraid to speak openly about their political and world views. The openly support Black Lives Matter, denounce President Trump's travel ban, and clearly voice their support or resentment towards other causes. This sounds great right? A company that is utilizing America's freedom of speech? But the way Ben and Jerry's goes about sharing their opinions is flawed. Ben and Jerry's has a major pattern of posting their opinion on a very controversial topic, and then letting their followers tear each other apart in the comment section. Whether it be because they are agreeing with Ben and Jerry's or disagreeing, the comment section of these posts is a horribly real example of bullying and harassment. The worst part of this being Ben and Jerry's just sits back with a pint of ice cream in their hands and watches this explosion go off. It is their responsibility, as the member of social media who introduced the topic in that place and time, to monitor, defend and report what is created because of it. But Ben and Jerry's fail to do any of these tasks.

And what could possibly be better than ice cream?...

Dogs of course! Ben and Jerry's has a webpage on their official website that is a gallery of all the dogs that come to work with their owners at Ben and Jerry's. Nicknamed the K-9 to 5ers, these dogs are the mere cherry on top of the ice cream (pun intended), that put Ben and Jerry's over the edge with their social media presence.

4Cs and how Ben and Jerry's uses them:

Creating: Is the user creative in their posts? Are they unique and one of a kind?

Ben and Jerry's is very creative when posting about their products. They often post videos with tutorials on how to use their ice cream to make other creations.

Curating: Does the user post things that show how they really care about their customers?

Ben and Jerry's annually hosts "Free Cone Day", when at participating stores costumers can get an ice cream cone for free. Thus showing Ben and Jerry's giving back to the community and to those who may not be able to afford their ice cream otherwise.

Connecting: Does the user show how they are a part of a bigger cause? Do they partake in community outreach?

Ben and Jerry's had done a lot of work with voting registration and trying to get people, who may not have otherwise, vote.

Culture/Community: Does the user attempt to target a specific culture or group in society?

Ben and Jerry's does not target a specific culture or group in society, after all everyone likes ice cream right?

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