Do Not Pass GO

KirkPatrick Hill

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Deet- Protagonist 12 year old the main character of the book and he writes quotes about things he sees in life he stopped once his dad went to jail. Deet reminds me of my cousin Adrian who is always quoting famous people according to what is going on during his life.

Dad- Antagonist he goes to jail for possession of unsubscribed medication. If he wouldn't of taken those medications nothing bad would of happened and Deet wouldn't of gone through so much trouble. He reminds me of my uncle from Mexico who also went to jail for similar reasons.

Protagonist's Problem

Deet is found himself in a bit of hard time in his life when his father goes to jail for possession of pill's that weren't subscribed to him. This is his main problem throughout the whole book but he later on learns that jail isn't always full of bad people there are people in there that are good people inside but made silly mistakes like his father.

Protagonist Memorable Moment

"Lots of kids go there to see their moms and dads, Grandma. I'm not the only one. And lots of parents go to see their kids too, Tell Grandpa I'm sorry I can't help him, but Mom's working now, and we're really busy." Pg 168 Deet was on the phone with his Grandma who hadn't really been that supportive about his father going to jail and made a comment saying it was awful of him going to jail to visit his father so he took action and denied helping her and Grandpa and decided to visit his father instead.

Protagonist Important Action

Deet's Important action was to take the choice to visit his father in jail being nervous and scared being there. He was brave enough to go to jail where people assumed everyone there was bad and evil.

Antagonist Problem

Deet's Dad isn't keeping up with his jobs and is having a hard time providing what his family needs so therefore he starts taking unsubscribed pills to keep him awake during his jobs.


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