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Freedman's Bureau

It's coming to a town near you...a Freedman's Bureau! Congress has created the Freedman's Bureau and we will be able to offer food, clothing, medical care and job services for the poor white citizens and freed slaves. The best news is that boys and girls will be able to start school at one of 1,000 schools too! Don't miss out on a chance to improve your life.

The Sharecropping Life

The Freedman's Bureau promised to improve the lives of former slaves and poor white citizens but did they promised too much? The sharecropping system will allow the farmers to rent the land and pay the landowner with a share of the crops they raise each season. Unfortunately, the system has left the farmers poorer and poorer each season. The African American farmers started to became a part of an economic system of slavery in which they depended on the crops ability to grow and sell at a price that would allow them to pay their rent. So the sharecropping life did not give them a live of independence at all.