Villain or Hero?

Andrew Jackson, a villian in my eyes.

Why was he a villain?

Jackson was a villain because he was not very fair. He had the spoils system which was rewarding political supporters with a government job. He also was the one that wanted to get the Indian tribes to a different place. He could have done this in a different way that wasn't so harsh and didn't kill so many people but he didn't care. He thought he was doing something good when he really wasn't. He didnt see how what he was doing was wrong.

Indian Removal Act and Trail Of Tears

Andrew Jackson developed a policy to make treaties with the Indians to trade their land in the east for new land in the west. In this policy, there was nothing about forced removal. Jackson decided to use the military to force them to move. This was then called the Trail of Tears. It was a walk from the eats to the west in the winter. Four thousand of these Indians died on the way because of harsh conditions.

Did Andrew promote democracy?


I dont think Jackson promoted democracy because he was kind of pulling the country apart. He also did not really listen to what other people wanted. The first example is how he had the Spoils System. In this, he favored the people that liked him and he gave them jobs just because they liked him. The second way he didnt promote democracy is because he was pushing the indians out of their own land just because he wanted more land. He didnt have to take their land considering they were there before anyone else but he did it anyways. The last way he didnt promote democracy is because he didnt listen to anyone else. He didnt listen to what anyone said about the national bank. He claimed it to be unconstitutional when it was constitutional. He didnt want the national bank and he didnt listen to whether anyone else wanted it or not. I personally dont think Jackson was very good at promoting democracy.