Arabella Aragon

Aspiring Photographer

Personal Bio

My name is Arabella Aragon. I was born in Houston, Texas. I grew up with a brother and two parents. They raised me to believe in what I want and to defend what I think is important. Growing up I believed that pursuing a dream was one of the most important things anyone could do. My dreams ranged from being a politician to being a ballerina. Right now I am stuck with the idea that the perfect job for me is a Photographer. Although I am very ambitious and eager to achieve this dream I still have to finish high school. The passion that I have to capture the world through a lens is very strong. I've always Been interested in achieving a career in art but not long ago did i realize what specific type of art. I am very interested in expanding my experience in photography and I am also very driven to achieve any goal that I set.

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Junior Portfolio

Junior year portfolio. Covering several assignments and accomplishments throughout my junior year in high school.

Interests and Hobbies