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Weekly Newsletter: September 28th

Weekly Quote:

"Words are like eggs dropped from the great heights, you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they caused when they fell.
- Stephen Covey

HCLA Events & Activities:

Week of September 28th
  • Monday, September 28: Hallway Huddle
  • Tuesday, September 29: Lighthouse Team Meeting
  • Friday, October 2: First Friday Assembly

Week of October 5th

  • Monday October 5: Hallway Huddle
  • Monday, October 5: Grades Due to Perry
  • Thursday, October 8: End of Quarter
  • Friday, October 9: Early Release
  • Friday, October 9: Clubs
  • Friday, October 9: Parent Conferences
  • Friday, October 9: Report Cards Issued

(Please note you can retrieve the master calendar by clicking the following link to access the HCLA Faculty Folder in Google Docs: http://bit.ly/1DZo7WA )

Habit 4 Think Win Win

A 7 Habits Weekly Booster...

Habit 4 - Think Win-Win

This is the habit of creating effective interpersonal leadership. In order to manage our relationships with others properly we need to think “Win/Win”. This isn’t just a technique that you can apply to every day situations and relationships, it’s a philosophy – a whole way of thinking and being.

This philosophy is based on 6 paradigms of interaction. Basically, every time we interact with others it fits into one of these categories:

  • Win/Win
  • Win/Lose
  • Lose/Win
  • Lose/Lose
  • Win
  • Win/Win or No Deal

What’s the best option?

The best option really depends on what situation you are in at the time, what you want to achieve, and what the other person wants to achieve. If you value a relationship, you may opt for Lose/Win in order to keep the peace. If you want to increase competition (in your sales force for example) you may go for a Win/Lose strategy. In an interdependant relationship, Win/Lose doesn’t work. If I Win I will make you feel bad which leads to a withdrawal from my emotional bank account. The same goes for Lose/WIn – I stop caring about you because you don’t care – and Lose/Lose – we both make withdrawals from each others accounts. The only viable option is Win/Win, or Win/Win/No Deal.

How do you achieve a Win/Win situation?

Covey uses a great analogy regarding creating agreements:

Developing a Win/Win performance agreement is the central activity of management. With an agreement in place, employees can manage themselves within the framework of that agreement. The manager can then serve like a pace car in a race. He can get things going and then get out of the way. His job from then on is to remove the oil spills.

Systems need to exist in order to allow a Win/Win situation to take place. If you think Win/Win but the system rewards Win/Lose then everyone loses faith and the system collapses. Reward systems need to be aligned with the goals and beliefs of the organizations.

All systems need to be Win/Win if this is the goal of the organization. You can’t just rely on the rewards system motivating employees to think Win/Win, you need to include planning, communication strategy, budgeting, training – every aspect of the organization needs to be thinking the same way.

Covey also notes that if you put good people into a bad system you get bad results, the whole path to a Win/Win situation is built from the ground up on the 5 dimensions, you can’t ignore one and hope the others fall into place.

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Updates & Reminders

  • A friendly reminder to continue working with your Shared Leadership Team work items if your goals have not already been accomplished. Your goal planning and sub team meetings are your teams responsibility.

  • The International Facet of The Links, Inc. will be sponsoring a field trip for our 4-5 students to attend the International Festival on Friday evening, October 9th. For logistical reasons, only students who participate in the Y Learning Program will be offered this opportunity. The students will be leaving the school around 2:00 pm and returning that evening. This is an Early Release Day and will not interfere with class instruction.

  • We are still working towards 100% faculty and staff support of the PTO. We encourage all faculty and staff to pay their membership fee as soon as possible. Upon donating your fee an Eagle will be placed outside of your door/work area to show that you are a PTO supporter.

  • Lesson plans are due by 9 pm Sunday night. Please be sure to upload your plans to the Google Doc folder assigned to your grade level team.

  • Please remember the expectation to arrive to school on time and prepared for instruction. Morning procedures have been working effectively and it takes all staff in place and on time to continue this!

  • Email is a MAJOR communication tool. Please make sure that you make it a practice to check it regularly. This communication tool will be used often to assist with organization, documentation, and to avoid interruption of instructional time.

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