Multiple Intelligences

Brittany Brimhall

Strengths from Simulation




Bodily Kinesthetic




My Perceptions: Strengths

Verbal/Linguistic- Skilled in explaining, teaching, learning, and humor

Interpersonal- Ability to sense the perspective of others, work cooperatively in a group, and understand non-verbal communication

Intrapersonal- Awareness and expression of different feelings, sense of self, and mindfulness

My Perceptions: Weaknesses

Visual/Spatial- Struggle with graphic representation and sense of direction

Logical/Mathematical- Difficulty with abstract pattern recognition and scientific investigations

Bodily Kinesthetic- Difficulty with balance and coordination

Classroom Application

Use strengths to my advantage- Build my classroom and lesson plans to take maximum advantage of my strengths and share my abilities with others. My interpersonal intelligence will help me build relationships with students and parents, and be used to resolve conflicts.

Improve on weaknesses- Use my associations and working relationships with people who embody the complementary strengths I do not have for advice and assistance. I will learn from my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.