Grade 6 Accelerated

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Newsletter, Christmas Term Week 5

Virtue of the Week

Virtue of the Week - Responsibility

Being responsible means others can trust you to do things with excellence. You accept accountability for your actions. When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses. Responsibility is the ability to respond ably and to make smart choices.

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts students have been studying a wider range of Travel Writing pieces. Through the magic of language, we have travelled to The Amazon, Java, Dubai and Australia!

The students have begun their own Travel Writing pieces. They have each chosen a place that they have visited to write about. Students brainstormed some of the literary features that they would like to include, such as sense impressions, alliteration, metaphor, simile and interesting adverbs. Together with their planning, this formed the basis for their drafts.

In the upcoming week, the students will be revising their drafts. They will begin to learn about how to refine their work by removing any unnecessary words or sentences. This is an essential part of the self-editing process.

We have continued to read Goodnight Mister Tom and have enjoyed discussing how the characters are changing as the story progresses. In particular, we have been exploring the theme of friendship within the text.

Next week, we will be continuing to work on comprehending what we are reading - focusing on the importance of not simply decoding the words but actually understanding the meaning conveyed by the words. We will do so through both the class novel and shorter texts.

Travel Writing - Home Learning

Learning target: (S) To write an effective piece of travel writing.

Task: To select a destination that you are familiar with, and write a travel writing piece about it. Include some of the literary features that we identified in the ‘stack’ of travel writing we have been studying.

Success Criteria:

· I can structure a piece of travel writing with a beginning, middle and end.

· I have created a strong sense of place for the reader.

· I can use the five senses to create a detailed description of setting.

· I have used some figures of speech, such as similes and alliteration, in my writing.

Mrs Nias



Discussions about the use of ‘Integers’ in real-life situations help students to relate to the topic better. Temperature that goes below 0ºc and bank loans were some of the examples being used. With that, we have concluded our topic, ‘Integers’ with a mini-quiz.

Algebra and Patterns

Students will work on this topic for about two weeks. They started off with investigating simple patterns of the given figures. Once they have figured out the pattern, the challenge will be to find out the formula of that given figure. By mid-week, children would be confident enough to move on to finding the formula of a complex pattern. A systematic method is introduced to help children derive the formula. As long as the children use this method diligently, finding the formula will be a breeze!

Miss Wong

History - Ancient China

This week students began their first History topic of the year all about Ancient China.

Students have been learning about how and where the civilisation of Ancient China developed. They have studied all about the first three dynasties of Ancient China: Xia, Shang and Zhou. They have learned about the artefacts that archaeologists have discovered from these periods which are important primary sources that have helped to inform historians about Ancient Chinese Society.

Students have also learned what constitutes a primary and secondary source and the similarities and differences between the two, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of historical source.

Next week students will learn about Emperor Shi Huangdi and the Qin Dynasty. They will also begin to focus upon who, and which philosophies shaped the nature of Ancient Chinese society.

History - Home Learning

Complete research and write the answers to the questions provided about the first three dynasties of Ancient China.

Due back on Thursday 10th September.

Mrs Ball

Key Dates


  • ECAs Commence: Week 6 - Monday 7th September

  • Swimming - Final session in week 6. In week 7 students will resume land P.E.

  • Book Week (dress up): 18th September
  • BOOK SWAP: Please bring in a pre-loved book to swap for another. We will go to the Book Swap during Book Week.

  • Polling Day Singapore Public Holiday: Friday 11th National Holiday

    Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) - Tuesday, September 15th, 3.30 - 6 pm and -Wednesday, September 16th, 5.30 - 7.30 pm (Online Parent sign up)

    UES Sports Day: Wednesday, November 27th