Christmas To Year Round Marketing

Stretch The Success Of Your Holiday Season

Read In 5 Seconds If:

☑ Knows you ☑ Catchy ☑ Beneficial
2012 Hallmark Christmas Commercial

Motivated & Empowered To Invest In You!

Getting people to feel empowered and motivated to invest in you is simply by communicating and keeping in touch with them. Think about it... when you receive a mailing of some sort do you read EVERY piece? You're always attracted to the one which stands out.

How many times a month do you ~
  • Make clients aware of your benefit of services?
  • Cross promote through mail, email, social media, online marketing, in person?
  • Market from what your clients tell you to instead of what you want to market around?

☝ Before you Mail or Press Send ☝

Always ask yourself these 5 key points....
  1. Am I bridging a gap were they are and where they want to be?
  2. Am I stopping the flow of mistakes
  3. Will this step by step format simplify their needs?
  4. Am I opening their eyes to a better format?
  5. Am I motivating them to take action?

You have to step up first!

Want clients and prospective clients to remember you? You have to remember them first.

  • Send thinking about you cards to your clients
  • Sorry I missed you cards to prospective clients
  • Coffee clutch meetup invites to your email list only (great way to build your list)
  • Bi-weekly - newsletters
  • Wallet Friendly Wednesday tip hotline

Be creative... just like in the Hallmark video above... the simplest thing can make you stand out from the rest.

Sell More. Earn More. Market Less.

Dawn Hogan from New Agent Fast Track, Inc. is a known for helping small businesses and real estate professionals in creating dynamic systems in marketing their business more effectively and attracting long term clients more consistently who pay well, stay longer and refer often.