Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 19, January 18 - 22, 2016

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Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Center for Advanced Learning Meet & Greet

Those interested in joining the teaching team at the new Keller Center for Advanced Learning are invited to attend a Meet and Greet event on Thursday, January 28.

South Keller Intermediate School is currently undergoing renovations to become Center for Advanced Learning which will be home to career, technology, and advanced learning opportunities beginning in August 2016. The project is part of the 2014 Bond Package which was passed by Keller ISD voters.

If you are interested in teaching at KCAL, stop by, drop off a resume, and chat with the Principal Leslee Shepherd. Interviews will be scheduled for a later date.

The Meet and Greet will be held from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, January 28, in the South Keller Intermediate Library (201 Bursey Road).

For all questions concerning the event, please contact Patti Gibson at patricia.gibson@kellerisd.net

Google Drive Folder_3rd Six Weeks Guided Reading Levels

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News from Charlie:

Perfect Attendance

· The end of the third six weeks was on Friday, January 15th. In order to be eligible for the perfect attendance incentive, the guidelines below should have been followed by students. This information has previously been shared with families and staff.

What is perfect attendance? Perfect Attendance is attendance that is perfect, with 0 tardies. Also, students are expected to remain in class during the instructional day in order to be eligible to participate in the attendance incentives. Our doors open at 7:30 am and school is from 8:00am- 3:00 pm.

· The incentive for students who earned perfect attendance for this six weeks is lunch with administrators and counselor. Please speak to eligible students and inform the families of those who earned this incentive. Lunch with administrators and counselor is scheduled during student’s regular lunch time. We will walk to your classes to get the students. Lunch for this incentive is scheduled for Thursday, January 21st.

· Additional goodies for these students will be placed in your boxes by Veronica as-well on Tuesday.

· Please check with Veronica and/or I if you have any questions.

LPAC Training:

· There is a handful of teachers that did not attend the original LPAC training. It’s important that all staff members receive this training. A make-up training will be held on Weds., January 20th in the conference room. In addition, I sent a friendly reminder and appointment on Friday, January 15th. Please plan accordingly.


· SIT dates are scheduled for January 28th and 29th . I encourage all staff members working with students (Specialists and Teachers together) to look at the data and bring students to SITs, based on MOY data. Please follow the SIT timeline below.

· Last day for referral, Weds., January 20th. I will be working on this month’s schedule. Please make sure to leave the referral form in my box. Any students submitted after this date, will be placed on February’s SIT schedule.

· Parent conferences by Wednesday, January 27th .

· Email intervention logs and/summaries (Specialists) to Charlie by Weds. January 27th .

· SIT days, January 28th and 29th.


· Please make sure to sign up for your Spring TTESS if I am your observer. My calendar is filling up and I would like for you to have the day and time that you want. Please get with Tori to schedule a pre-conference, your observation and your post conference. Please come to Tori with multiple days and times.

News from Amy:

Watch the video below on your own. It's another "Oldie - but good-ie"!