Health is a Triangle???

Gail Givens - 4th period - Health

1. What do you hope to accomplish during high school?
Graduation and to be healthier (in regards to diet & exercise).
2. What do you see yourself doing after high school?
Go to college. (A university.)
3. What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?
Stable job, more art skills, etc.
4. 3 things you could do to improve your health
Exercise more, eat less unhealthy food, & go outside more.
5. At home I like to...
Read books, watch videos, play video games, draw, etc.
6. At school I like to...
Read books, draw, talk to friends, etc.
7. People I like to hang out with...
Nerds/Geeks (?). People who like the same kind of things I do (Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc.)
8. I am good at...
9. A quality I like about myself & that I'd like to change
I like that I can be quiet (?) and I'd change to being nicer to others.
10. Something I'd like to try
I'd like to try archery some more. I've practiced in the past but I'd like to do more of it.
11. What do you feel like are positives & negatives on your health today?

Positives: I have friends and hobbies/stuff to do.
Negatives: I'm not very healthy. (i.e. Don't exercise much & eat a lot of junk food.)