6th Grade News 2/16/16

Strong and courageous- Joshua 1:9


The past week or so, we have been learning about signposts. Signposts: “When you journey through a book, don’t forget to STOP and NOTICE and NOTE the signposts.” Signpost help you understand what is going to happen in your book. We have been learning about six different signposts: Contrast and Contraction, Aha Moments, Memory moments, Tough Questions, Again and Again, and Words of the Wiser. Right now we are learning about Contrast and Contradictions, but before long we will be learning about all of them.

By: Carrie, David, Shaylah

Valentines Day Party

Today we are going to talk about our valentine's day party. Mrs.Hart got so many presents. Chloe’s mom planned almost all of the party. It was a good party. The food was pizza from Papa John’s. Then we played minute to win it games. I got a lot of candy. Well, Bye folks talk to you later.

By Chloe and Phillip

Science Fair

Science Fair

The science fair is coming soon. There are 14 more days left as of Thursday. Everybody has been working hard on their projects. We have been sharing a bit about our projects to the class.

Here are some things to remember:

You need to have

  • A log book

  • A display including



-Experimental Procedure


-Independent Variable

-Dependent Variable


-Data Analysis



Here is some more advice:

Experiments should produce numerical data.

Consider safety when planning a display.

Electricity will not be available.

Always use SI measurements. For those of you who don’t know, this is what SI measurements are. The International System of Units (SI) defines seven units of measure as a basic set from which all other SI units are derived. The SI base units and their physical quantities are: meter for length, kilogram for mass. These are important so that you can get a good grade:

Use centimeters not inches.

Millimeters not square inches.

Cubic millimeters not cubic inches.

Milliliters not fluid ounces.

Kilograms not ounces.

Celsius not Fahrenheit.

You can find other conversions online. Make sure your measurements are correct.

Projects are due February 25! Finish up!


Lately, in Religion we have been reading Exodus and the ten Plagues God sent upon Egypt. God turned all the water into blood, frogs, gnats, flies, lack of livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, death of the firstborn. We also talked about nature miracles like flies, frogs ,boils, locusts, and hail. Then we talked about super natural miracles. Like darkness, Nile turned into blood,.death of firstborn. Then we talked about PERILOUS and NUISANCE. PERILOUS means full of danger or risk. Like hail, darkness, and locusts because they could block out the sun and eat everything. NUISANCE means an obnoxious or annoying person, or thing also something that is not the end of the world kind of thing. Like frogs, gnats, and Nile turned to blood. This Friday we are having a Passover dinner ( the thing you filled out the form for.) Our teacher will be giving it to us that day. As a goodbye gift and for what they did back then during Passover. So these are the things we have been doing in religion.

Spelling Bee

The spelling Bee was all kinds of things. It was exciting and interesting. The people in our class that was in the spelling bee where, Mya, Carrie, Nick, Miles, and Daniel. All the classes had a spelling bee except for kindergarten and the other lower grades. Many people think that the spelling bee was boring.I don't blame them, it was probably boring to them because they weren't in the spelling bee writing the words making their brains work hard to make sure the words were spelled right. The purpose of the spelling bee here was to choose the contestants for the spelling bee at Lutheran North. Mya and Miles are to the 6th graders that get to represent us at Lutheran North. Let's give them our best of luck. LET’S GO AND WIN THIS THING!