Pine News Update

April 24


In first grade we're doing a community study. We've started by studying our classroom community and our school community. We'd like to talk more about what communities we belong to outside of school!

Assignment to be completed by Tuesday, April 28th:

Today we sent home an assignment and a little bag of cards for your child to fill-out.They will use the cards to record communities that they are a part of answering the question: What communities is your family a part of?

On Wednesday we will then be putting all these cards together in a nesting chart to show all the communities we're a part of. Exciting!

Also - Please come in to the classroom at some point this week and put a pin on our map showing where you live (or check to see that your pin is still there from the beginning of the year)!

Quiet Time

Quiet time has become like a second beginning to our day. A breath of fresh air. Anna has led a visualization practice. Paul has led children through a routine of focusing on the breath. These pictures above were not staged!


This week in math we worked a lot on doubling numbers.

Any number can be doubled: 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 3 + 3 ...

Not all numbers have doubles: 24 can be made of 12 + 12 ... 25 doesn't have doubles. Odd numbers don't have doubles.

When numbers are doubled in a sequence, we find the counting by 2's numbers.

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Many students had a difficult time cleaning up materials this week. Independence with materials and routines fosters independence and creative thinking. Look for a few times in your day that you'd like your child to be more independent. Coach them through the steps of the task. Invite them to write out the steps and read their writing for practice. Below there's an example from our dramatic play area. And please, let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for helping kids become more independent.
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Students have been listening to each other's stories and offering feedback such as the following comments:

  • "Make sure your story has a problem."
  • "Make the characters talk." or "What did the characters say?"
  • "Help me see the character move."

When talking about the characteristics of good story writing, one of our students noticed that our chart about how readers get to know characters could be helpful for writers as well. It's so exciting when kids make reading and writing connections!

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Help Needed

Paul will be out all of next week. He will be attending a course.

It would be so great if you could come in to support Anna, Michelle, Tameka and the Pine children while Paul is gone. Thanks!