Library Buildings & Spaces 5960.002

100% online course at University of North Texas

INFO 5960.002 FALL 2017!

This 100% online, 3 hour credit, course begins with the study of ancient library buildings progressing to the impact of modern library architecture. The evolution of space in libraries as well as the effect technology has on modern buildings and spaces are discussed. This course culminates in the creation and design of a library space with a resulting portfolio that showcases the student’s ability to research, design, and plan.

Whether you are looking at a new library design or a library space re-model or want to learn best practice in layout of a learning space, this course is for you!


  • To become familiar with the history and development of library buildings.
  • To gain an understanding of the evolution of library spaces from physical, to social and informational, to virtual.
  • To describe the impact of electronic technologies on library facilities and propose ways to integrate technological operations in planning.
  • To understand and utilize a community needs assessment in planning library spaces.
  • To understand the typical planning, construction, operations and evaluation in the creation of new learning spaces.
  • To decipher what combination of technology, service support, and well-balanced space design meets the needs of library users.
  • To develop a plan to create a library space for a special population utilizing the Learning Space Toolkit.

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