ALC Leadership Competition

Let ALC work for you, while you work for your community!

Create and execute a community initiative and you could win $250 dollars in free tutoring!

Community leadership is a skill best learned outside of the classroom. ALC has partnered with UPWARD LABS to allow students to become an activist in their community. This leadership competition is designed to have students create an initiative using UPWARD LABS exciting new tool for community involvement. Not only is there an opportunity to help your community and win free tutoring, but a successful community initiative is always attractive to admissions counselors.

The Competition will begin August 26!

Sign up by August 26 to start out the new school year with your community and your college resume in mind. The competition is for any area High School students and will run for two months (ending October 21), allowing plenty of time to do something exciting in your community. Once entered in the competition, students are given mentoring time with a passionate mentor at ALC to help you conceive of a great idea, and to help you plan for success.