Tuesday's Technology Bytes

Edition #26

A dramatic shift is sweeping through our schools.

The signs are all around us. Third graders are texting on their cell phones. Kindergartners can navigate an iPod Touch better than teachers. Middle schoolers already have a blog or YouTube channel.
Click on the title above to read about the true role of technology that is needed in schools. It states that watching videos or images during class, playing an Internet multiplication game, or even taking turns at an interactive whiteboard is no longer enough. SO TRUE!!!! #mindset #creation #discovery
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Amy Linkel

Amy Linkel is Assistant Principal at South Ripley Elementary School, in Versailles, IN. Prior to beginning in administration in 2006, Amy taught 5th grade at SRES. Amy is passionate about kids, education, family, technology, and leadership. #SouthRipley

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."