Mrs. Ray's Pre-K Weekly Newsletter

Week 3: September 14 - 18


Thank you so much for helping us learn about the Letter C and the Color Yellow this week! These little connections between home and school are a HUGE impact in your little's learning!

We will be talking about Ways to Get Around this next week as an extension to our Community Helpers unit. On WEDNESDAY we will sort their favorite way to get around (ie: car, truck, plane, bicycle, bus, etc.). Please send with your child either a toy version or picture of their favorite form of transportation (doesn't have to necessarily be their daily transportation...just their favorite). These items WILL be sent back home at the end of the week.

Dip N' Dots

Dip N' Dots will now be served to Pre-K students every Wednesday. It is an additional $2.50 if you choose for child to eat them. This fee can either be taken from their lunch account using their lunch card or you can send the money in your child's folder by Wednesday morning! Please include in their folder what flavor they would like:

Cookie N' Cream

Chocolate & Vanilla

Cookie Dough

Red Berry Sherbet


We have been introduced to the ABAB Pattern in Math. Please have your child build different ABAB Patterns using both the cut/glue sheet and the counters I've included. You can keep the counters at home as a math tool to use with your child this year. Remember, homework is a great connection tool between home and school, but is totally optional! If they bring the sheet back completed they will receive a sticker for their personal sticker book.

This Week's Focus!

Our Theme: Transportation


  • We will learn about different forms of Transportation & discuss how our Community Helpers use different ways to get around.
  • We will learn to recognize, write, and sound the letter Cc.
  • We will continue to learn about "MAT MAN" which will help us have a better understanding about our body part placement, for drawing a person, and is the beginning step to writing letters
  • We will chant, sing, and understand the Nursery Rhyme: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • We will continue to work with AB Pattern.
  • We will identify objects that are the shape CIRCLE.
  • We will learn about the color YELLOW - sing, name, find!
Mrs. Smith sings MAT MAN song (from Handwriting without Tears)
Color Y-E-L-L-O-W yellow song - Kindergarten
ABC Song: The Letter C, "Crazy For C" by StoryBots

All About Us

Our classroom is a Pre-K mix of 3 and young 4 year olds that are always doing fun, artsy, creative learning! We love to dance, sing, create, and learn.

High School Football Game: Lubbock-Cooper vs. Stephenville

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 7:30pm

Lubbock-Cooper High School stadium

Come out to cheer on our Lubbock-Cooper Football team and see all your Pirate Friends! This game is televised so will be a GREAT one!