2C Classroom Update

November 13, 2015

Dear Families,

We hope this finds you well. The past few weeks we have begun writing personal narratives where students write true stories from their own lives. In Second Grade, we are focusing on picking a very small moment that had a big impact and utilizing different writing techniques (dialogue, strong beginnings and endings, etc.) to bring the experience to life for our readers. Each student has selected a topic that they are writing about and has begun their rough drafts, so you can ask them about their small moment narrative at home! In reading, we continue to look at fiction and have been examining the author’s intentions -- Why did the author include this detail? How did it make you feel? Why did the author write this book? In math, we continue our exploration of measurement by measuring objects in both standard units, i.e. centimeters (and meters) and inches (feet will be introduced next), and non-standard units, i.e. paperclips and unsharpened pencils. We have had great discussions about the commonalities and differences between different measuring tools and units of measurement and the appropriate choices of tools for appropriate contexts. One student shared, "Well, you wouldn't want to measure a refrigerator with a ruler! A measuring tape is better!" In Inquiry, students have been exploring children’s rights and learned that children have certain rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our students have been thinking deeply about the rights that living beings have and how leaders help protect those rights. We look forward to sharing more of this great work with you!


Amy and Hannah

Caring Student of The Week: Aidan E.

Aidan E. exemplifies what it means to be a caring student at Brooklyn Prospect. Other students gave examples of how he cares:

  • "On the 15th day of school, when the rest of the class was having trouble focusing and making transitions, Aidan was "on fire" and that every time we turned to him, he was doing the right thing."
  • "Aidan helps us by nicely reminding us when we're not doing the right thing"
  • "Aidan explained the rules of a game to me and now I know how to play it."
  • "Aidan will always have a power talk with me if I am upset about something."
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Risk Taking Student of the Week: Ezra

Ezra exemplifies what it means to be a risk taker at Brooklyn Prospect. Other students gave examples of how he takes risks:

  • "In the beginning of the year, Ezra was honest and brave to say that his goal was to be nicer to his friends in Second Grade."
  • "Ezra was honest when he broke a rule and told the teachers."
  • "Ezra stood up for his friend when he saw other kids being mean."
  • "Ezra used his words to tell me when I hurt his feelings."
  • "Ezra is getting better and better everyday."
  • "Ezra played safely at the park after the teacher told us to even though the other kids kept playing the rough game."
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Specials Update

Keeping Our Beat!

Many weeks of hard work are starting to pay off as we held our final dress rehearsal for our upcoming performance of "Marching Band". We are looking forward to presenting our work to the BPCS High School Choir when they come to visit us later in the month. Although we still have next week to practice and perfect our routine - check out our progress to date! If you are interested in seeing the original video of "Marching Band" you can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtXNq4tvuL4

P.E Update from Coach M

Swimming on Monday's is going great! We have 5 swim lessons left!!!!!

Check out the Bubble tent 2C built using the parachute and their team work skills!
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A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

The Super Snakes have been learning all about the stuff that is on top of the Earth's crust--soil! They've learned that soil is incredibly diverse, containing air, water, living and non-living animals, even fungi and bacteria! Through both hands-on exploration and tech-based lessons, the Super Snakes have really "dug deep" (tee hee) on this topic lately, and have done some amazing thinking!

Because the Super Snakes have done such an outstanding job honoring our Science Room Technology Expectations (which basically entail using only the app directed by the teacher and treating the devices with respect) they have been able to explore a new app choice as part of their Tech Thursdays: Keyboarding Without Tears! In spite of the self-deprecating name, this excellent tool trains students' brains and builds manual dexterity in the service of one day learning to type on a keyboard. It has been so impressive and exciting seeing the maturity and responsibility with which the Super Snakes rise to the occasion in Science class!


WOW!! Artists are amazing!! Mr. Saunders asked, "Can our 2nd graders make a map of the world?" and they responded, "YES!! Our map will be super special!" We'll show how life on each continent differs from others.

For the last few weeks, 2nd grade artists have been working hard to research and learn about the continents. In class they work in stations to decide what viewers should know about a continent. Some artists create painted papers for our project while others collage papers into oceans and continents. Extra special contributions to the map come from photos, ideas, artifacts that artists bring in via homework.

THANK YOU for taking time to speak with your artist about the continents! You can continue to support them by asking them to identify the seven continents. Ask them the difference between a continent and a country? What continent is also a country? (Australia) Beyond that, the conversation becomes much more interesting!! I hope you are game —and judging by the homework your artists brought in, I think you are! : )

Each class is researching two continents. So for 2C, their first continent of study was South America. Now they are researching Australia. Please take some time to talk about how diverse Australia is and then, maybe, how the culture in some parts of Australia is the same (or different ) from South America. I understand this is very challenging given the diversity of both continents. The goal is to give all students a welcome understanding of all continents.

Food Policy

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School believes that no student should go hungry throughout the school day. As such, if a student requests any meal (breakfast, snack, and/or lunch), that student will be served and their meal account will be charged with the expectation that all charges be paid in full by the student's family each billing cycle. To stay apprised of your student's meal account, families may log into TeacherEase to obtain up-to-date information. We strongly encourage families to prepay for meals and/or provide students with meals each day to avoid any unexpected charges. In addition, if you believe that you qualify for free or reduced meal status, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible. To request an application, contact our main number at 718-722-7634.