Industrial Production

The Industrial Production helped make Great Britain rich!

Cloth Production

Cloth production in the early Industrial Revolution was all handmade in people's homes. But as time went on inventions like John Kay's flying shuttle, James Hargreaves spinning jenny, and Richard Arkwright's water frame were invented, textile mills were built and people started getting jobs as weavers and spinners. People flocked to these mills to get money for their families.

Coal Production

Coal mining was great for the Industrial Revolution. One reason was because coal was becoming the number one source for power. Richard Arkwright had the idea of building factories for the coal to be processed and sent to other countries. although that coal production as great, there was also downsides to coal production. Child labor was being used in the mines and the miners lungs would be damaged. Also, the working conditions of working in a coal mine were harsh and deadly.

Cotton Production

Cotton was one of the biggest products of the Great Britain's revolution. This was both good and bad. It was mostly bad because of the slaves were being poorly treated. They were also paid very low wages. But what really sped up the production of cotton was the creation of the cotton gin.

Before the Industrial Revoultion

Life was hard before the revolution or in the early stages of the revolution. women had to stay home and make clothes for themselves and their whole family. they had to sew them by hand which could take days or even weeks! cotton was also handpicked by slaves that were harshly treated. their pay was also either very low or they did not get payed at all. the slaves also had to work for very long hours and they rarely got to see their families.