Peruvian Night Monkey

About me

Me and my species go by so many names. One of the most common is the Peruvian night Monkeys because its the simplest. We are currently one of the least known about and rarest neotropical primate. One of the main reasons is because our small numbers. We are located on a very small portion of South America in the Neotropical Forest. We are also as vulnerable by the IUCN and endangered under the Peruvian law.


My family and I are one of the more larger families. Usually our family sizes go from about two to six monkeys and in mine we have five. So we are big compared to other families of our species but still reletively small families.
Night Monkey Aotus sp.


The main threat facing the Peruvian night monkey is the continued growth of human populations and associated habitat destruction. Hunting is a lesser threat to this species, but it is still hunted for the pet trade and by trophy hunters.

Whats being done?

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization and awarded UK charity status in August 2009 (Registered Charity number 1131122). NPC was set up in order to promote the conservation of Neotropical forest habitat, primates and all wildlife through various means, including: land protection; research; improvement of degraded habitat for wildlife; creation of public awareness; environmental education; and facilitating the commercialisation of sustainable, ecological products on behalf of local people