For the Love of a Daughter

JUSTINE MORRIS AP Language 1st period

Demi Lovato Official

For the Love of a Daughter by Demi Lovato Official

"Four years old with my back to the door, all I could hear was the family war"

"Mom and Dad's shouting was so loud that you could hear it throughout the neighborhood. Lori, Brian, and I looked at one another, Brian nodded at the front door, and we all went outside and started making sand castles for scorpion. We figured that if we were all in the yard acting like the fighting was no big deal, maybe the neighbors would feel the same way. But as the screaming continued, neighbors started gathering on the street." (Walls, 71)

Your selfish hands always expecting more....Am I your child or just a charity ward?

"When Dad asked me for another five bucks a few days later, I gave it to him. It made me sick thinking I was now ten dollars off budget. In a few more days, he asked for twenty. 'Twenty dollars?' I couldn't believe Dad was pushing me this far. 'Why twenty?' 'G------t, since when do I have to explain myself to my children?'"(Walls,210)

"In the car, Dad took out the money he'd won and counted off forty dollars, which he passed to me. 'We make a good team,' he said. I felt throwing the money at him, but we kids needed it, so I put the bills in my purse. We hadn't scammed Robbie, but we'd worked him in a way that felt downright sleazy, and I'd ended up in a tight spot. If Robbie had been set up by Dad, so had I" (Walls,213)

"Please father, put the bottle down for the love of a daughter."

" 'You know if it's humanly possible , I'll get it for you. And if it ain't humanly possible, I'll die trying.' I looked up at the thin swirls of clouds high in the blue Arizona sky. Keeping my eyes fastened on those distant clouds, I took a breath and said, 'Do you think you could maybe stop drinking?"(Walls, 116)

"To celebrate his new life on the wagon, and to put some distance between himself and his drinking haunts, he decided the Walls clan should take a long camping trip to the Grand Canyon."(Walls, 118)

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Bruno Mars - Grenade by Pati Bieber x


“ ‘He groped me! And he’s wanking off!’ Mom cocked her head and look concerned. ‘Poor Stanley,’ she said. ‘He’s so lonely.’ ‘But it’s gross!’ Mom asked me if I was okay. I shrugged and nodded. ‘Well, there you go,’ she said. She said that sexual assault was a crime of perception.” (Walls, 184)

" 'My mucus is yellow,' Mom said. 'If everyone who had yellow mucus stayed home, the schools would be pretty empty,' I told her. Mom's head snapped up. 'You can't talk to me like that,' she said. 'I'm your mother.' 'If you wanted to be treated like a mother,' I said, 'You should act like one.' " (Walls, 218)


“I asked if I might please have a Shirley Temple, which was what Dad bought me whenever he took me to a bar.” (Walls, 34)

“ 'Let's really light up this Christmas,' Dad said and thrust the lighter into the Douglas fir. The dried-out needles caught fire immediately. Flames leaped through the branched with a crackling noise. Christmas ornaments exploded from the heat. For a few moments, we were too stunned to do anything. Mom called for blankets and water. We were able to put the fire out, but only by knocking down the tree, smashing most of the ornaments, and ruining all our presents. Dad sat on the sofa the whole time, laughing and telling Mom that he was doing her a favor because were pagan symbols of worship." (Walls, 215)

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