I Fake Text

An Easy Way to Display a Fake Text Between Two People

I Fake Text - How it Can be Used in the Classroom

I Fake Text Can be used in the classroom the following ways
  • Practicing Voice
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing Poetry

A dialog between
  • Two characters from a scene in a story
  • Two historic figures
  • Two friends discussing a book, movie, or event

Vocabulary Example

Practicing Voice Example

How to Create a Fake Text

  1. Go to http://ifaketext.com/
  2. Enter the 1st person/object's name
  3. Select a carrier
  4. Type your Message in the format that is provided
  5. Click "Create Your Screenshot"
  6. You can then share the text by linking to it, embedding, or sharing via social media.


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Tammy's Tech Tip of the Week #109

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