University of Oregon

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Psychology Field/ Major

  • University of Oregon is 30th best psychology giving college there is in the United States
  • with a 3.9 rating of 5
  • offers many courses in psychology


  • You need a masters degree in psychology and to complete college
  • you can rarely sometimes get by with a doctorate and it isn't needed to get a PHD or PHS
  • there is 24,125 students with a 18/1 students to teachers ratio

Costs and requirements

  • $92,064 for four years with average income and or aid
  • Graduate from High School
  • C or better in all classes
  • Submit transcripts, SATs, and ACTs scores
  • Application Essay
  • Optional second essay

My Plans

I plan to pay for this through a break from school and working for a while, saving up, work on scholarships, and if it still isn't enough after a year or two then loans will come into play.

-FAFSA form is due on March 1st

I plan on keeping above a 3.0 GPA at least and of course striving for that 4.0. I plan on passing all my classes, aiming for 3.5 and 4.0 GPA percentile and going with an overall grade of a B in classes at least in High School in the meantime. As well as taking psychology two and AP, sociology and possibly child development. I could do some volunteering with places like crisis clinic and etc., stuff that will show my compassion for others and the involvement of psychology.