Updates from Miss Bucci's Class

Tuesday, November 17th

What we are working on now...

We have completed our unit on Extended Responses, and have begun our Narrative Writing assignment. We are using texts we have read together during our Bold Actions Unit (from the Collections textbook) as mentor texts in order to write our very own stories. Students had fun brainstorming ideas for their stories and are now in the planning stages where students are deciding on settings, characters, and plot points for their stories before they begin drafting. Once these stories are complete students will have a choice of multimedia formats to present their stories to others.

We also have been completing multiple word studies. We recently completed Unit 3 of our Word Cells Study, and are wrapping up our Unit of Academic Vocabulary. Students did a great job of being the teachers in order to present their assigned Academic Vocab term to the rest of the class! (Ask your child which word he/she taught and what it means.)

What's coming next...

After we return from Thanksgiving Break, we will have a 3-week novel study unit based on the book Nothing But the Truth by Avi. Buying your own copy of the novel is optional, as we do have school copies that students may borrow. If you choose to purchase your own copy, please have it by November 30th.

That will bring us all the way to Winter Break! It'll be here before we know it!

Other announcements...

Bravo to all of our performers and helpers for the musical Dear Edwina Jr! You all did a fantastic job and put on a very impressive show! We are looking forward to seeing our and and Choir performance this week!

Please remember to take part in the Student Council Food Drive taking place this week! Students should turn in non-perishable goods to their Seminar classes.