Mark's Monday Morning Memo

September 7, 2015

Morning and Afternoon Responsibilities

We will continue with the expectation that all licensed staff members provide supervision in the morning and in the afternoon. Your place may be at your classroom door, in the hallway, in the cafeteria, out with the buses, in the front of the school, or other areas as needed. Remember, please be at your spot to welcome and greet students by 8:40 when the first bell rings. Please visit the lounge, take a break, make copies, etc. before 8:40 so you are ready to greet students when they come into the building. In the afternoon, no one is done with supervision until everyone is done with supervision. There is always a place to help until all students are dismissed. No one should be in the office area checking mailboxes until all students have been safely dismissed.

Duty Free Lunch Time and Prep Time

We will continue with the electronic sign-out and sign-in if you are leaving the building during your duty-free 30 minute lunch period. The Director of Human Resources communicated that our former practice of being able to leave for lunch during prep time should not happen. The district expectation is that teachers are present in the building planning and collaborating during prep periods. If extenuating circumstances necessitate your needing to leave the building during your prep period, please talk with me about that so I am aware. Thank you for adhering to this new practice.

Other New Practices

Please lock your door when you are not in your classroom. This will help us maintain a safe building and act as a deterrent for students who want to be in unoccupied classrooms.

The CUM files have been moved into the main office area by Jeanne so files can be secured. Please use, sign, and date a placeholder for files that need to be reviewed and removed from the office area.

We are trying to make sure we are using furniture (computer carts, rolling carts, tables, etc.) for their intended purpose. That means that computer carts, rolling carts, tables, and other specific furniture are not intended to be used for storage. Some of these items have been moved this summer and we are in the process of making sure they are being used for their intended purpose. If you need to give up excess furniture or have additional needs, you may talk with Laurie about that.

#CelebrateMonday and #RLRoadrunners

#CelebrateMonday is a Twitter hashtag used to promote reasons to be joyful and ambitious about the first day of the school week. If you remember, think about Tweeting out a message and/or photo about what you #CelebrateMonday for. You can search the #CelebrateMonday hashtag to see how this movement is growing. Two weeks ago there were 600,000 #CelebrateMonday tweets! Also, you can use the hashtag #RLRoadrunners anytime to tweet the great things happening in your classroom.
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Our Favorite Topic - Parking!

Thank you for adhering to parking expectations last year. It is very helpful for parents and those of us supervising out front to have as many parking spaces available in the front for parents at the end of the day. Here are some parking guidelines:

Do you leave work before dismissal starts at the end of the day?

-Yes, park in the front so your spot opens up for parents.

-No, please park in the east or south lots in a designated space.

What if the east and south lots are full when I arrive in the morning?

-It is okay to park in the front if all spaces in the east and south parking lots are full. It is not okay to park in a non-designated parking spot. This interferes with buses, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks.

Hopefully, with fewer students this year, parent parking at the end of the day will be easier. It's amazing to see parents fill the parking lot, wait along the curb, and queue up along 89th Avenue at the end of the day. It's always a good day when things go smoothly at dismissal! Thank you for your help in making that happen.

How You Can Help Ensure Substitute Support

1. Welcome and greet guest teachers to the building.

2. Leave clear, explicit plans. Provide directions on how to start up and use the technology.

3. Complete your preferred substitutes list in the Aesop system.

4. Prearrange with guest teachers as much as possible.

5. Enter absences as soon as possible into the Aesop system. This may be easier to do with personal leave rather than sick leave.

6. Help ensure that guest teachers have a great experience at Rice Lake so they want to return!

Safety Drills

We will be practicing our four types of safety drill during the month of September (Evacuation, Severe Weather, Reverse Evacuation, and Lockdown). I will talk the school through these procedures during the first set of drills. Please work to prepare yourself and your students. We will list the dates and times of the first drills in the weekly bulletin or in the daily announcements.

District Appliance Guidelines

  • Small personal refrigerators are allowed in employee work spaces; however, a permit is required to be purchased and attached to each refrigerator to cover the cost of the additional energy used to run them. For those who would like to have a refrigerator, please complete the district form (available through Mark) and pay $20 for the year (permits will be good through August 31 each year). Send the form and payment to Bergen Grams in Business Services, at the ESC. These requests will be processed as quickly as possible and permits will be sent directly to the individuals. Classroom refrigerators are not encouraged. Please remember that a paid permit is required for all personal refrigerators.
  • Microwaves, coffee makers, full size refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances are allowed only in the designated break areas. All appliances must be UL listed with a grounded plug.
  • No humidifiers, air cleaners or scented air fresheners are allowed in compliance with the district’s Indoor Air Quality Management Plan.

Book Room

We have had an amazing crew of volunteers working this summer to clean, inventory, and organize the book room. In place of the September staff meeting, there will be two book room open houses where you will be invited to learn about the work and the organizational structure moving forward. Thank you to Krista McMahan, Kris Dodds, Cindy LeBaron, Lisa Lanners, Julie Winslow, Cathy Commers, Heather Ayer, Kathy McPherson, and Danielle Carter. I apologize if I missed any volunteers!