Norfolk Junior High

by Mason

favorite app.

My favorite app is Minecraft because you can literally do anything and build whatever you want. You can kill monsters like skeletons, zombies, spiders, endermen, ender dragon, and you can also download mods onto the game to fight more monsters. You can mine in the scariest places and get the richest ores like diamonds, butter(gold), iron, coal, and with the mods a lot more. You can also download adventure maps, parkour maps, and play on multiplayer and go on other people's servers to play hunger games or survival games. This games is the most popular game in the world. This is why I love the app/Xbox 360/computer/iPod/phone game.

Trading Card Story

Jash Wahlmon Lives in the Neather on a game called Minecreate. The reason why he lives there is because you can get Nether rock and light them on fire and kill mobs. Slender man also lives in the Neather. Slender Man’s powers include teleporting from place to place. He also is 20 feet tall, and he has 8 arms. He wears a suit and has no face. Slender Man also lives in the unknown. They go on a trip to find glow stone together and they run into Ghast, and then they blow up.
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