lights out

How does conflict contribute to the plot in the nartive?

Lights Out short film

In the short film lights out, conflict is shown by a couple that were fighting over a car. The girl starts to pick lock the car door and the man is coming to his car and unlocked it with his key. She gets into the car with a metal pole and closes the door and gets in the back. The man gets into the car and the girl hits him over the head with the pole. She pushes him out of the car and drives off. She stops and sleeps in the car at night. The man finds her and puts a tarp over the car and tells her with a walky talky she was 15ft underground. She then pretends that shes dead and lies still in the car with her eyes open. The man went inside and called an ambulance. Then he hears the car driving away. They both tricked each other to get the car. In the end they broke up and the girl drove away in the car.