BEST Mother EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A present for Mothers Day

Favorite Things do to

  • Going shopping with friends and family
  • Spending time with her children
  • Play with her children
  • Having a Mother Daughter Date Day
  • Reading the News Paper
  • Sitting and relaxing

Favorite Things to do with mom

  • Read books
  • Talk for hours
  • helping each with stuff
  • Going on a Mother Daughter Date Day


Have you ever heard of the BEST mom ever, if not then let me tell you about her. My mom’s name is Melisa. My mom likes to do fun stuff with me like a mother daughter date together. Normal we go shopping at the Indenmal Mall together. My mom loves helping me with homework and other stuff. I like to spend time with her when she is not doing anything. This is a paragraph to my mom Melisa for Mothers Day .

Love your fifth child,

Lily Hegenberger