Branu Mosley

What is a Marsh?

An area of low-lying land that is flooded in wet seasons or at high tide, and typically remains waterlogged at all times.

Different Types of Marshes ?

Where are they mostly located?

Marshes are usually found on the coast and are areas of soft wet land that are overgrown with grasses and related plants.

Marsh in shallow water on a lakeshore

White water lilies are a typical marsh plant in European areas of deeper water

Many kinds of birds nest in marshes; this one is a Yellow-headed Blackbird

Marsh in shallow water on a lakeshore

Life In A Marsh - Wetlands Preservation Video

Many creatures live in the dwindling marshes (wetlands) in the Okanagan. A variety of birds, snakes, turtles, musk rat and beaver all inhabit the marshes. Unfortunately many people do not share a respect for this valuable part of nature. Marshes not only provide a place of refuge for plants and creatures but also help clean the water.
Life in a Marsh - Wetlands Preservation

Nature Today - Marsh Life Video

Birds, turtles and plants - there is so much life in the marsh if you take a little time to explore a marsh near you
Nature Today - Marsh Life

Beaver Dam and Marsh Life

5 minutes from where these people live this little marsh is part of a fast disappearing landscape. There are car dealerships and box stores all around it, and the constant sound of progress is ever present. Traffic noise and the BMW dealership thinking that if you go for a walk in a marsh setting you still want to hear the music they play on the lot. Still it is a place of beauty if you take the time to look.
beaver dam and marsh life

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