The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Hope is justice and freedom

In The Diary of Anne Frank,the theme “Hope is justice and freedom" when they went into hiding for 2 years with other people. Meip came and brought them stuff "we put the stores of food you sent in here your drugs are here...p374 Soap, listen here". When mr. Van Daan took bread then Meip said the invasion has began. P427 the quotes are examples of hope because when Meip brought them food it gave them hope.

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Family is always there for you is seen through out because Peter and Anne didn't like each other and then became friends.p377. Peter called Anne Mrs. Quack quack. They all celebrated he holiday together. P402. The Frank's let he Van Daans into their hiding place p372 "Mrs. Frank and Mr. Frank let the Van Daans and Peter have their own room."p377. The quote is an example of family is always there for you because the Franks let the Van Daans get their own room.

Toy animals

Anne and a toy animals are similar because Anne is all jumpy. A toy doesn't sit still because it moves when people play with it. Anne moves around all the time talks all the time too. A toy is always everywhere and so is Anne. Those are the reasons why a toy animal and Anne are alike.

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The diary of Anne Frank

Anne's life was hard because she had to go into hiding. She couldn't really hang out with her friends. Anne had to see people die. Anne couldn't really talk after a certain time. Meip brought them stuff like food a lot.