Final Edition of 2019-2020

May 21, 2020

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Dr. Finch to Staff May 2020
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Bellair Elementary School opened in 1982 and has served the Bellair neighborhood and surrounding community for 38 #Extraordinary years. In August, Bellair begins a new chapter as The Traditional Academy at Bellair. Over the years, land development and economics played a vital role in changing Bellair’s enrollment -- both in size and diversity.

In this Tribute to Bellair Elementary, we take a look at Bellair Elementary School's #Extraordinary history.

Original Bellair Elementary Staff - 1982

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Reflections from Principal Dettorre

Bellair is a special place. Many of our parents also attended Bellair when they were children. In addition, extended family members are a part of the fabric of Bellair. Students and their cousins attended school together. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles volunteered their time and could be seen daily on campus. During my eight years at Bellair, we re-established ourselves as “your neighborhood school” with an emphasis on building community. We became a true ohana (family).

No matter where you lived, when you came to Bellair – as a student, parent, staff member, volunteer, or even business partner – you became a member of the Bellair Family where caring and collaboration were at the core of what we did.

I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to be a part of this great community. I am proud of the staff who believed in all of our students. We accomplished a great deal. I will truly miss the families and each and every staff member.

--Principal Jackie Dettorre

Former Bellair Student Dedicates Donation to Influential Teacher

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Last year, Knight Transportation CEO Dave Jackson donated $25,000 to his former school, Bellair Elementary, to fund technology for every classroom. Jackson dedicated the donation to his first grade teacher, Mary Flynn, who retired after 38 years of service in DVUSD.

“Miss Flynn, and the whole team at Bellair when I started, they were just unbelievable. We felt their high expectations for us, and somehow it translated to us setting high expectations for ourselves. Many of the things that happened while I was here at Bellair were instrumental in how I viewed myself, which was so important,” said Jackson.

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Bellair Staff Highlights

Bellair Elementary End of Year Video

Bellair end of year video
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In this #extraordinary year of 2020, We Celebrate YOU!

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...Our #Extraordinary Retirees

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Thank you for taking the time to take the Employee Satisfaction Survey. We had just under 1800 responses. This is down from 2180 we had last year.

Results will help guide future decisions made by leaders of the District, schools, and departments. Executive Cabinet is reviewing open-ended responses and will develop action items to improve the district-based employee feedback. District office leadership had slight improvement for most items. School and department leadership had stable results. The results show significant improvement for both survey questions about the Governing Board.

To view the full results, visit this Portal Link HERE!

Please Note: There is a new tab in the document this year showing pre-COVID and post-COVID results. In general, the results improved in the 580 post-COVID responses.

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As a reminder, important salary information for next year and end-of year payroll dates for this year were sent in a Deer Valley Voice Special Edition on May 14, found at this link HERE.

Home Learning Survey for Staff

We are grateful for our teacher’s patience and support with "Home Learning" as they taught students during the last quarter of the 2019-20 school year.

If you haven’t yet taken the Home Learning Survey, please do so NOW by clicking HERE!

We would like to know how we can improve Home Learning in case we need to use it again in the future. This survey will close at the end of the day on Friday, May 22.

Technology Hub

Access the Home Learning & Technology Hub for on-demand resources and recordings of the LIVE video sessions.

Education Technology

As we wrap up the 2019-20 school year, we celebrate teachers’ ability to adapt to home learning and ramping up the use of technology in new ways. Resources in the Home Learning & Technology Hub will continue to be available through the summer and we plan to provide additional supports with using Ed Tech in the new school year.

This week’s Tech Tips show how to capture images of your screen with the Snipping tool, use folders to organize your Google Drive, & collaborate with suggestions in Google Docs. For more Tech Tips, check out the last slide for links to past weeks!

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This summer, the Arizona K12 Center is offering Camp Plug and Play online and free for all educators to attend! This five-day event with sessions on June 8th-12th provides hands-on learning all about technology and how to use it to create engaging lessons that students want to learn from and you are excited to teach.

Topics to be covered include Sketchnoting, coding, using Google Suite tools to support lesson design and productivity, utilizing HyperDocs in your teaching, and creating media that will capture your students’ interest. Register Here!

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Hospice of the Valley, AZ reached out to DVUSD for 3D printed mask ear savers to provide relief from the discomfort of wearing masks. Their dream number was 400 and an extraordinary team from Legend Springs, Sierra Verde, and West Wing schools provided over 500, plus stands! Way to go with helping people in hospice facilities wearing masks and innovating with the great stands!! #DVUSDTech

A team of CTE teachers from Mountain Ridge and Boulder Creek partnered up to 3D print 150 ear savers for Honor Health!

The DVUSD community has collectively printed over 1,000 ear savers for healthcare workers and others needing to wearing face masks for protection! A big shout out to Cindy Nelson, Liz Reyes, Rob Lane, Jacklyn Davis, Kim Rodgers, Dan Singleton, Travis Randolph, Don Baxley, and Jonathan Baumstark for 3D printing with a purpose!

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Professional Learning Communities - Year 1 = Done!

Dr. Finch had an ambitious goal for DVUSD this year -- to implement the PLC process with dedicated release time most Fridays. Through the hard work of many stakeholders, and a little patience, we were able to accomplish this vision. The district PLC Guiding Coalition uses 2 goals to measure our work in the area of PLCs.

  • 100% of both District and school based leaders can appropriately define the PLC Process, as measured by a rating of Developing or above on the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Continuum: Implementing the PLC Process Districtwide.

  • 100% of school-based leaders and teachers will be ready to implement the framework as measured by a rating of Developing or above on the Building a Collaborative Culture through High-Performing Teams rubric.

Survey results show us that 80% of school leaders and 76% of district leaders rate DVUSD as Developing or above on the first goal. School leaders and teachers were surveyed for the second goal relating to High-Performing Teams. This survey contains two parts, the first part of the survey focuses on how teams are organized, the use of protocols and processes and the positive impact the team has on student achievement. Eighty percent of school leaders and 63% of teachers rated DVUSD as Developing or above on the first part of the second goal.

The second half of the rubric focuses on collective commitments and how teams reflect on those commitments during meetings and throughout the year. Sixty-seven percent of school leaders and teachers rated DVUSD as Developing or above on this part of the second goal.

While we know there is room for growth, we want to acknowledge all of the teachers, school leaders, and district leaders who have worked hard this year to set us on the right track. We have over 50 mutli-school collaborative teams, allowing teachers to work with peers in the same content area or area of expertise.

This year, sixty Model PLC Teacher Leaders came together to strengthen their practice and build leadership capacity at the school level. In two weeks, over 200 teacher leaders will be trained in Teacher Clarity. And, the PLC Training Team Curriculum Specialists, New Teacher Mentors, and Principal Supervisors, have provided over 800 hours of support in the Collaborative Team Process. Together, we are #Extraordinary. Let’s keep moving forward as we learn and grow with one another.

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Student Support Services is giving special education teachers and all itinerant staff VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES for an amazing deployment of specially designed instruction and teletherapy. What an amazing journey for this department, our students and families.

This enormous undertaking has not gone unnoticed, nor unappreciated! Student Support Services - You ROCK!

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Each year DVUSD creates an #Extraordinary Achievements publication with all of the amazing honors that our students, staff, and schools receive during the school year.

Submit your good news, awards, grants, recognitions, honors, etc. from the link under Quick Find on the Portal homepage or by clicking this link: Submit Good News. Make sure your deserving students and colleagues aren’t left out of this #Extraordinary publication!

Submit your Good News by May 20 to ensure your good news will make this year's publication.

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May 25 – Memorial Day

May 26 - Board Meeting - You may watch the board meeting live @ 7PM or recorded by going to DVUSD on Livestream. Within 24 hours of the meeting, click here to View Agenda.

May is:

National Better Hearing and Speech Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

See you August 3, 2020 for the 1st day of school!

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Our annual Pursuing Victory with Honor awards moved to a live streamed event this year. We were happy with the results and now plan to live stream it next year with, hopefully, a live audience! Some highlights included the O’Connor softball team winning the High School Team of the Year and the Sierra Verde STEAM Academy winning School of the Year.

Congratulations also to:

  • Robert Fugate from Desert Sky Middle School who was our 7/8 Coach of the Year
  • Justin Collard from Boulder Creek High School who was our High School Coach of the Year
  • Dan Booth from Desert Mountain who was our Athletic Coordinator of the Year.

We thank the many staff members who made contributions towards our athletic program this year. You are truly #extraordinary! Click HERE for a complete list of winners and to watch the awards ceremony.

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Due to the school closures, DVUSD K-8 and Middle Schools will be celebrating 8th grade students who are promoting to 9th grade a bit differently! Each school created an inspirational video to share with students and families as we honor and recognize their unique contributions.

To commemorate the event, 8th grade students will receive their program and personalized promotion certificate. Students will receive a link to the special video presentation which can be shared with friends and family. Thank you to our #extraordinary 8th grade staff members for supporting our 8th graders over the entire year and especially during the past two months!

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District Budget and Time Lines 💵

On May 12, 2020, our Governing Board approved the first revision to our 2019-2020 budget. The district budget is revised typically at least once per school year but can be revised more times if needed. Due to the unique circumstances this school year, final budget revisions can be completed though June 30, 2020, instead of by the typical budget revision deadline of May 15. School districts are funded on student enrollment for the current year and the budget is adopted using an estimate of student enrollment so the budget revision is an opportunity to reconcile the budget using a more accurate student count. For 2019-2020, we budgeted assuming no increase in student enrollment but we realized a slight increase in enrollment from last school year and use the budget revision to capture that budget capacity.

The next step is to present the 2020-2021Expenditure Budget to the Governing Board for approval based using an estimate of student enrollment for next school year. The Expenditure Budget has to be presented at two public Governing Board Meetings before it can be adopted. We plan to present the Proposed Budget to be advertised at the June 9, 2020, Governing Board Meeting and then to approve the Expenditure Budget at the June 23, 2020, Governing Board Meeting. A presentation of the final current year (2019-2020) budget revision may occur prior to the presentation of next year's budget for adoption. This will allow the most current budget carry forward information and the most accurate student count when developing and approving the budget. The 2020-2021 Expenditure Budget will include the salary increases approved by the Governing Board at the May 12, 2020, Governing Board Meeting.

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A sweet story from Teacher Stacy Brosius

"Our third grade students at West Wing School read a story about the Statue of Liberty this week. We talked about how the statue is a type of monument and discussed how monuments are built to honor events or people. The students were then tasked with creating a monument to honor heroes of the pandemic."

"The picture (to the right) is from one of my sweet, sweet students who is so very quiet, and she made my eyes leak! This was a lot of work for my student who is on an IEP. She is truly one of kindest students I have ever had."

We agree with Stacy's student - Our teachers are heroes of this pandemic!