Big Steps At The Little Cottage

A Guide to Getting Ready for The Toddler Transtion

Making movments, memories, and milestones

By now you may be wondering how your family and teachers prepare your little ones for the "Toddler Transition." This is a common question as many of our "Cottage Babies" are getting older and time flies! This should act as a guide to "what my child should be doing" by the age of one. This is specific to eating, sleeping, and classroom environment changes. Please be aware that Gross/ Fine motor milestones happen at different ages for different children. It is NOT uncommon for a 1 year old to enter the Toddler Classroom still crawling. If you are concerned about your child's gross or fine motor development please be sure to speak with your child's teacher or building director.


By the time your little one is 12 months old and ready to enter the Toddler Classroom you will want to make sure their lunch is of appropriate size, power packed, and full of healthy choices to begin healthy eating habits and healthy learners. We ask that your child has a lunch that has at least one food from each food group as an option.

By about 10 months old your child in the Infant room is likely "pick up" solid foods that you have been placing into glass jars to be heated in the crock pot and then served. They may also begin to refuse pureed foods to show you they are ready to transition to "pick up foods." There is NO heating in the Toddler - Pre-K classrooms. If you would like your child's food to be warm please place your already heated food into a thermos. Toddler lunches should be in an appropriate size lunch box and an Ice pack is to be placed inside if there is a need to stay cold.

For example purposes and ideas of what your Toddler can eat, I have placed a photo bellow of lunches that our current Enrolled Toddlers bring in, daily in the Toddler classroom. You will see many parents love to choose "waste free" lunches. Meaning; Whatever is left over from dinner you pack right into the lunch box and then add some fruit and veggies around it. You may of course have your own style! By Law, children should have at least 3 food groups in their lunch box. Children may not bring sugary snacks or deserts. You will also see we are personal fans of the "Planet Box." if you like these you can find them at . They are a great investment and you only have to buy new magnets each year ($5) to make a new box for your little one!

Each day Your child will be eating lunch in the Toddler room at 11:15 AM. Your teacher at 11 Months old will be working on matching that schedule at your child's pace.

Please Remember The Little Cottage is A NUT FREE zone (The Food Of Course!)

Bottles Into Sippy Cups

By the time your little one makes the transition into the Toddler Classroom he/she should be drinking from sippy cups. You will want to be sure to:

  • Label each cup with your child's first and last name.
  • Bring a small bottle bag with ice pack to keep milk cups cold.
  • Be sure to bring a separate water cup

If you have not seen one before, a "Nubby" is a wonderful transition cup. You may find others that work for your family as well!

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Snack Provided By The Cottage...

Now that your child is one, a morning and afternoon snack will be provided by The Learning Cottage LLC. Each snack will be from two food groups, organic, and preservative free!

Snack times:

AM / 9:00

PM/ 2: 45

Nap Time

As your little one gets closer to 12 months old, your Little Cottage teachers will begin talking to you and transitioning your child to a "one nap" a day schedule. The Toddler Classroom takes a "state mandated" nap from 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM. Again, Each child will go through a transition that is healthy for their individual pace and needs.

The Toddler Classroom Schedule

It is important for you to know that the Toddler Curricula begins promptly at 9 AM. Drop off is NOT permitted after 10 AM. The biggest difference between the Toddler and Infant classroom is the schedule.

In the Toddler Classroom their is a schedule that is completed exactly the same way everyday to ensure children feel safe and secure and have many learning opportunities!

Why, you ask?

The schedule acts as the child "clock." By knowing what comes next, your little one will feel confident, secure, and ready to learn!

Toddler Classroom Schedule:

  • Moring Outdoor Excersice
  • AM Snack
  • Literature/ American Sign Language
  • Hand washing/ Diapers
  • Art
  • Outdoor Play
  • Music Together Program
  • Hand washing/ Diapers
  • Center play/ Montessori trays
  • Lunch
  • Hand washing/ Diapers
  • Nap Time
  • Hand washing/ Diapers
  • PM Snack
  • Outdoor Play
  • Science/ Math Skills
  • Hand washing/ Diapers
  • Center Play/ Montessori Trays


If you have ANY questions please feel free to speak with your teacher or Director and Thank you for voting us #1!


Ashley Cabe & Andrea McDaniel

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