Must Come To Minnesota!

This can tell all you immigrants why you should go

A fresh new land

"join the farm join the family we will rise to control the landlies"

Minnesota has many trees and forest,minnesota has great farm land,many jobs to get money,lots of animals for hunt,and is building up a new government! A great place called St.paul and is growing bigger as a town and has many job opportunities! Here in Minnesota we have a powerful man named Alexander Ramsey to grow this land and territory. In my opinion the best way to get to Minnesota from the east is to take a train to the Mississippi river than ride a steamboat to St.paul,MN. A woman has told us"I have known minnesota from its infancy,and have loved it as a parent does a child,till my very being is entwined with her interests;and to me it is fit for paradise. Come to minnesota,but bring with you principals firm and unyeilding.