Raccoon News

September 17, 2020

For Your Information

Happy Thursday, Roosevelt Raccoons! I hope everyone, no matter the learning plan you have chosen, is doing well, learning lots, and well on the way to making this a great year!

~ Wednesday, September 23 is our first full day PLC. Hybrid students will be provided with Distance Learning paper and pencil expectations to be completed at home for this day. Those tasks need to be completed (or at least attempted), and a parent signature is needed in order for your child to be marked as in attendance for the day. The schoolwork, along with the cover sheet, will be coming home on Tuesday and should be returned on Thursday. In addition, please start planning ahead for your child's care on this full day, as it's right around the corner. Unless you have registered them for ACES care, they will be completing their learning at home that day. Please plan accordingly.

~ Distance Learners: My understanding is that September 23 will be a pick up day for materials at Roosevelt (specific information to be coming about this). If you would like to return library books when you come to retrieve materials, that would be great. If you would like to place additional library books on hold, please do this by noon on Monday, September 21. You may request up to 2 books. Those library books will be ready for pick up with the other materials on September 23. As a reminder, here's the video that will teach kids how to place holds on books. Also, if you have any photos of distance learning, please send them my way, and we'll make them part of our weekly message.

~ At Home Reading: One of the things we expect each family to do is read 20-30 minutes at home each evening. Students can read to self, be read to by a family member, or even read a book digitally. IF your family does not have access to books, please contact your child's teacher, and we will work to coordinate books that can come home each week for your child to read. Those books can then be returned, and new books will be sent home.

~ Drop Off & Pick Up: This is going really well! Thanks for your attention to detail and for following the plan. One reminder...drop off may only occur curbside. A child was almost hit earlier this week as they were dropped off in the middle of the street and ran in front of a car.

~ Rain Gear: Please be sure your child has an umbrella or a rain coat to use during dismissal time. It's possible that they could be outside waiting for 10-15 minutes, and if it's raining, they will want to have the appropriate gear. Sharing of umbrellas will not be possible during this time, so each student having either a raincoat or an umbrella will be important.

~ Daily Home Screening Guidelines: Please complete the student screening each morning and report your child’s information to the school nurse if they have any of the following symptoms: MAPS COVID-19 Student Screening. I cannot emphasize the importance of this critical step! Please take the time to do this each day. If there are any health concerns/symptoms, please don't hesitate to the call Rosy, the Roosevelt Health Assistant, to discuss those concerns.

Thanks for making it an awesome first week!! Have a great weekend!


Ann Haggerty

Roosevelt Principal


Masks, Masks, and More Masks!

If any Roosevelt families are in need of masks, kids and adult, Beth and Ivan have plenty of masks and fabric on hand. Contact them at bethanierae@hotmail.com And, as a reminder, neck gaitors are no longer an acceptable face covering, so if you are need of masks, this would be one option!