New York

The New New Amsterdam....

The "Patroon System"

A Patroon System is the new Charter that was granted its member to purchase a large estates of land.

Around the middle of seventeenth century, I remember between 1652 and 1674, the Dutch fought three naval wars with the British. The Navigation Acts was created to cut all international trade with the Dutch. We wanted to control the shipping and trading but did not succeed. That is when the we started take over the slave trade in the year of 1663 and heading straight for the New Netherland. The Dutch won what is now Surinam from us, and the New Netherlands became ours. We named the colony New York, after James, the Duke of York, who had received a charter to the territory from his brother King Charles II. In 1673 the Dutch took back the New Netherlands and lost it back to us that next year. New Netherland suffered dearly under Dutch rule. Immigration was slowed down due to ethnic tension, political instability, and protracted Indian warfare. The Duke of York refused to permit a representative assembly, also cause friction between the two colonies. This was not established until 1683. The Dutch West Indian Company attempted to set up "patroon" system to help promote settlement. This system gave big estate to patroons so they could rent out. This caused "Anti-Rent Wars" because the present tenants on the property thought the land belonged to them. In 1846, the tenants were giving back their farms.

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