Happiness Habits

January: Self-Compassion


What does self-compassion mean to you? Is this the same thing as self-esteem? Not exactly...

Self-esteem means how you view yourself (do you think you are smart, kind, funny, loving?) while self-compassion means showing yourself kindness and acceptance even when you make mistakes or don't feel that you live up to the standards you or others set. Self-Compassion also means that you make taking care of yourself a priority.

Making Self-Compassion a habit can be an important step in maintaining and expanding your happiness levels.

Tips for Practicing Self-Compassion

  • We are often our own worst critics and negative self-talk often leads to unhappiness. The activity below can help us to be kinder to ourselves when we have struggles or make mistakes: How Would You Treat a Friend?

  • When we are busy or stressed we usually put ourselves at the bottom of our To-Do List. Taking care of yourself is an important part of maintaining your health and happiness. Get started with a short Mindful Walk.